You need to have at least 500 sq. feet of free land space for any network mobile tower installation.


You need to have documents like Land Papers, ID Proof, Interest Letter and NOC & Survey Report.


We take care of approvals from any of cellular networks you put in options for mobile tower installation rent.


After all the verification & documentation, we process the tower installation on your given space.

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Welcome To Digital Groups Company

Digital Groups give reasonable, solid, and top-notch administrations to meet India's developing availability needs. Over 1000 fulfilled clients make us stable in the telecom business. We are a notable name in the field of general inactive correspondence foundation in India. Digital Groups fabricate with the companies who install towers that assist with keeping everybody associated. By introducing a portable pinnacle, you can see advanced walkways and be fruitful. Digital Groups Advisors assist with carrying network and web availability to a great many individuals who are not yet associated with the world. Digital Groups establishments give reasonable and dependable networks in India. We assist you with all the administrative work and establishment processes for your preferred media communications organization. Digital Groups is a wide range of independent owners and tries to fulfill the gaps between the service installation operators of wireless digital communications towers. Digital Groups are gaining profitably in the central industry with Building Better Wireless and growing as the mobile tower installation company in India.

Digital Groups is well-known for its market reputation since our firm delivers all services quickly, and our team works quickly to install towers. We also provide maintenance services.

Maintenance is also performed, and towers are repaired; all of the people's amenities are being taken care of, and they are provided with good networks; we only require a large roof and a large plot of land to place the tower; if you have one, please contact us. If you have a large enough area, you may also have the tower installed. If you already have a tower and it is in poor condition, you can have it repaired by our firm, and we want you to use our services at least once.

In general, Digital Groups provides property analysis services to individuals in preparation for the installation of a communication tower or a mobile tower on their unoccupied land. We provide wireless communication solutions and information in all Indian states. We have highly experienced employees at Digital Groups that seek to give you with all wireless communication information, including solutions for tower construction, tower maintenance, and tower repairs. We give detailed information on the tower installation technique as supplied by tower installation firms in India.

Digital Groups tries to connect with the tower installation business companies who generally install 5 types of tower:

  • • Lattice tower installation
  • • Mono pole tower installation
  • • Guyed tower installation
  • • Concealed tower installation
  • • Broadcast tower installation

Transceivers and related equipment located in cabinets or shelters are used by antennas on mobile phone towers. Digital Groups operates on a lease basis, leasing your property for a set length of time, installing their mobile tower or other sort of wireless communication on your unoccupied area, and paying you rent for the use of your place.

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